Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Brand 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Hiking and camping are very interesting and a good way to relax your mind. It may come as a call of duty or just leisure.

It is not easy to spend a night away from your cozy bed. There is fear of discomfort and restlessness. When that day comes you need to choose the best backpacking sleeping bags 2018 and available options.

The weather is usually so cold at night and sometimes it freezes. Backpacking sleeping bag has your solution.

The sleeping bag comes in different shapes, colors, sizes, price and warmth level.

Today let us discuss various types of lightweight backpacking sleeping bags along with features.

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Brand (2018 Update)

Listing the top backpacking sleeping bags for both men and women, this table contains the reliable and highest standard backpacking sleeping bags with great value.

Bags NameGenderSeason'sTemperature
1. Kelty Cosmic 20 DegreeMen3 Season20 degrees Check Price
2. Hyke & Byke Snowmass  -
Best Choice
Men4 (For all Season)0 degrees Check Price
3. TETON Sports TrailHeadMen3 Season20 degrees Check Price
4. TETON SportsMen3-4 (For all Season)5 degrees Fahrenheit Check Price
5. Outdoor VitalsMen3 Season20 degrees Check Price
6. Rab Neutrino 400 - Top ChoiceWomen3 Seasons20 degree C Check Price
7. Sea to SummitWomen3 Season18 Check Price

1. Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – 3 Season

Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

This is a best mummy sleeping bag that is suitable for cold seasons. It has effective insulator of 600 fill. This makes it be very warm even when the temperatures are so low. It has a comfortable and durable hood. It makes your head to be safe and you enjoy the warmth.

You will feel as much comfort and warmth as it feels when you are at home.

This item has a perfect outer cover that is treated with durable water repellent.  This helps it to dry quickly when it is washed or rained on.

It is suitable for both men and women and can withstand three different seasons. Its lower part is well covered with a durable polyester material.  The space at the head is adjusted by pulling the draft collar together. This helps you keep warm.

2. Hyke & Byke Snowmass – 0 Degree 4 Season – Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag

The mummy down bag is another best sleeping bag for camping it is made of a material that is waterproof. If the dew falls on it or water spill on it, it dries within a very short time. It has an insulation known as duck down. It has very tinny insulators that are located in between the layers. This makes it warm enough for your comfort.

It is convenient for warm temperatures of ten degrees to forty degrees. It is made of tough nylon material that is 20D. It has a heavy YKK zip that is durable. The zip does not spoil easily.

It comes with its packing pack where it is put after compression. This reduces the bulk and makes it easy to carry around.

It is spacious and very comfortable. It is wide at the shoulders, therefore, you can move easily and freely.  It measures seventy-eight fit by twenty-eight fit. The hip area is also spacious, it measures twenty-two fit.

The space at your feet level is box-shaped. It gives you the freedom to move your feet whenever you want. It is possible to change your sleeping positions whenever you want.

3. Outdoor Vitals Summit 20°F Down

Outdoor Vitals Summit 20°F Down

This is an outstanding lightweight backpacking sleeping bag that is not heavy for you to carry along. It weighs 2 lb, it is highly flexible in a way that it can fit in a small bag when you press it.

It has effective insulators of 800 fill power hence it retain heat very well. You will enjoy warmth despite the external temperatures. The material that it is made of cannot tear easily. It is made of nylon and reinforcement is done to it to ensure that it cannot wear easily. That means that it is durable.

Its outer cover is made in a way that it keeps the bag dry. It does not absorb water instead it repels it. The advantage of this feature is that you will enjoy the warmth and it will keep you dry throughout.

Its basement lay evenly; this ensures that there is no space left that can trap cold air. Our review of this product would not be complete without us discussing its means of closure. Its YKK zip is durable and reliable. The bag has a long warranty.

4. Kelty SB 20 – DriDown Sleeping Bag

Kelty SB 20 Camping Sleeping Bag
This is a unique one because it has a treatment that makes it waterproof. The treatment is known as a durable water repellent. This is concentrated in two sensitive parts.

One of them is at the bottom where you place your feet. The second one is on the hood where you place your head. This feature is very important because it keeps you warm and dry.

It is waterproof; this helps in keeping you dry as well. The bottom part looks like a box. This is an advantage to you as a user. It creates room for you to move your feet whenever you want without any constraints. As a result, you will be able to rest well and wake up while you are refreshed.

When it is washed or when water spills on it, it dries faster than other types of down.

It has a reliable dual zip that is 60 inches. It plays a major role in ensuring that there are no hitches experienced during zipping. It weighs 1.94 pounds. This is not so heavy.  It is available in sunny lime color material.

5. TETON Sports TrailHead +20F Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag – 3 Season 

Best Sleeping Bags For Camping 2018

This is an exceptional mummy bag. It is wider and longer compared to others. It is very comfortable and warm. It comes along with a pack that matches with its colors.

It has pockets on the inside where you can keep your small items like a wallet. It has a hood that has an adjustable diameter to trap warm air in.

There is a tube that is inserted in the mummy to enclose the warm air. It has a smooth inner lining that is friendly to your skin and it is not allergic. You can comfortably lay on your back and you will be comfortable because your feet have ample space.

It has a quality zip that comfortably closes and opens either from inside or outside. The manufacturer is assured of the high quality of this product. It has a lifetime warranty.

It comes in different colors like red and grey. It weighs 2.3 pounds. It was manufactured for the first time on 28/10/2013.

Do not wait any longer; ensure that you acquire this amazing item today and start enjoying.

6. Thermodown 0 Degree Down Mummy Sleeping Bag 4 Season

Thermodown Mummy Sleeping Bag 4 Season

This is also lightweight sleeping bag for camping. It weighs 3 lb only. It is highly compressible to ten by eight inches. It is therefore easy to store and carry whenever you need to.

It is made from a very tough nylon fabric that ensures durability. The inner part is made of polyester fabric that is so soft.

YKK zipper is attached to it. This enhances easy opening and closing. When it is warm you can open the zip to allow some cool air in. When it is cold you zip up to stop cold air from getting in and you retain the heat.

There is a collar at the neck. There is a string that helps to adjust its width. The lower part is box-shaped and there is added insulation there.

It is sold together with a storage pack that aids in compressing it and makes it easy to carry.

The manufacturer has confidence that this sleeping bag is of high quality. For this reason, he gives a lifetime warranty.

It was manufactured for the first time on 21/12/2015.

7. Marmot Phase 20 Down Sleeping Bag

Marmot Phase 20 Sleeping Bag

This type of camping sleeping bag is efficient for cold seasons. It has a high insulation of 850 fill. It has a very effective cover at the bottom that protects you from cold. It repels water and moisture.

It has a very warm hood that plays a big role in retaining warmth. Your feet are well taken care of. The lower part is shaped like a box hence heat is enclosed.

The box shape at the lower part also increases space for the movement of your feet. You will be as warm and comfortable as you usually are in your bed.

You will not need to worry about the safety of your small items as you sleep. This includes your wallet, keys, and other small valuable items. This is because this object has an internal pocket.

You can put them there where you are sure that they are safe. Suppose someone would plan to steal from you, you will be awake before they accomplish their mission.

The YKK zip is used from the bottom to top. It does not spoil easily because it is a two way. It’s made of durable

8. Western Mountaineering MegaLite 30 Degree

Western Mountaineering MegaLite

This is convenient for big people because it is quite spacious. The shoulders space measures 64 inches and 39 inches for the lower part near your feet.

It is convenient for three different seasons. You will not need to go back to the shop to buy a different one.

Its YKK zip is reliable. It does not spoil easily like other zips do. It is put on the full length of the item. It is located on the left side of the sleeping bag.

It is import to note that it has full-length baffles. This is advantageous because it allows you to adjust it to your interested size.

The only challenge with it is that it is expensive than most of its competitors. It cost 470 dollars. There is an assurance that the service that the item will give you will be worth your money.

9. TETON Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag – 3- 4 Season

Ultralight weight Mummy Sleeping Bag

This is a suitable choice when you are spending your night under the sky when it’s quite cold. It is effective for an extremely cold season like below freezing point.

It has a very amazing inserted insulator that is microscopic. This makes it be warm enough. You will be smiling while others are shivering.

Talking of the upper part, there is a hood that ensures your head and face is kept warm. The space at the head is adjusted by pulling the draft collar together. You can adjust it to where you are comfortable.

The lower part where you keep your feet is shaped like a box. This helps in keeping your feet warm and avails space to allow some movement. There is an insulator that is fixed on that lower part.

It comes in different beautiful colors. This includes red and grey, scout red and green-grey. It has a zipper that goes around it.

You can close it either from the inside or from the outside. This ensures that there is no difficulty in the process. The zip is large, durable and of high quality.

This helps it closing warm air inside it and closes the cold one out. Each one comes with its beautiful matching pack bag. It fits in it very well.

The material it is made of compresses well. It is not heavy while carrying. These two factors make it be portable.

Its lower part is well covered with a durable polyester material that does not tear easily. The inner material is soft and tender on your face.

It has an inner pocket for keeping small items.  Finally, it has long warrant.

This is a twenty-five inch wide sleeping bag. It is made of a fabric that is water resistant. It is horizontal shaped. This allows the down to lie well without leaving spots that allow cold air in.

It is treated with durable water repellent. It dries quickly at a rate of sixty percent faster than those that are not treated.

It is advanced in technology because it has protection from bacteria. Many other camping sleeping bags do not have this feature. When you are using your pillow, it does not keep moving. It is well held at the hood.

When you are lying in you will enjoy the warmth on your upper body. There is a collar that keeps you warm around your neck. Underneath the zip, there is a wide tube. It ensures that the warm air does not find its way out.

It has compressed fabrics that make it stable while you are using it. It has a string for hanging it to dry or to store.

11. Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Premium Down Sleeping

Best Sleeping Bags

This is a another lightweight backpacking sleeping bag. It is easy to compress and to pack it in its storage bag. It has a good insulator of 800 fill power down.

It has a rope that adjusts the fabric at the shoulders and face areas. The outer cover is made of a strong fabric that does not rip easily. The inner cover is as well very tough but tender to your skin.

It is sold together with its cover. There are three different models. Short, regular, and long.

Short model is favorable for people with the height of five fit to five point six fits. It has a fill of six hundred and seventy grams. It weighs 2 lb only. Its dimension is sixty-nine by thirty-one inches (69*31).

Regular model is for those who have a height of five point six to six fit. It has 700 grams fill that helps in retaining heat. It weighs 2 lb. It measures seventy-five by thirty-one inches.

Long model is good for tall people. It is appropriate for people who have six to six point six fit. It measures eighty-one by thirty-five inches. It has a fill of 750 grams.

12. KingCamp Ultralight Sleeping Bag -14.8 Degree F & -7.6 Degree F Down 

KingCamp Ultralight Sleeping Bag

This is another top camping sleeping bag has a unique shape that looks like envelop. It is made of pure polyester that is very tough.  This makes it resistant to tears and wear. The fabric is also very soft and cozy. It has a down fill of 900 grams that makes it retain warmth and soft texture.

It weighs one and a half kilogram. It has a string that is used to adjust the diameter. This makes it possible for you to adjust it to where you feel comfortable. It is appropriate for both slim and fat people.

You can comfortably place your pillow in the hood and support yourself well. There are left hand and right-hand sleeping bag in this category. When you need a big room, you will only need to connect them. Zip left handed sleeping bag to the right-handed one.

13. Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

This is an outstanding mummy sleeping bag that is cheap sleeping bag hence affordable to many people. The manufacturer has been selling to retailers and distributors at a cheap price. This enables them to also sell to consumers at a lower rate compared to other types.

Whenever you are looking for a cozy and warm backpacking sleeping bag, do not be anxious. This one has a good insulator of 550 fill power down. When it is cold it automatically compresses to keep you as warm as possible.

You can join two of them by zipping a left one to the right side to create a big space. You can adjust the area around your face using adjusting string on it. This contributes to keeping you warm throughout when you are using it.

It is treated with durable water repellent. This helps in keeping it dry and retaining the heat. The treated one is much better and preferred than the non treated ones. It has only 2.95 pounds and measures 80*8*30 inches.

It comes in different colors. Black is the main one then it’s mixed with blue, red or purple. Its length is 6.4 fit. It is manufactured by outdoor vitals.

The red ones have the zip on the left; the blue ones have the zip on the right. It has a packing bag.

14. Camping Sleeping Bag– 0 degree Envelope Mummy Lightweight Waterproof

Top Camping Sleeping Bags

This is a mummy shaped tall camping sleeping bag that is suitable for winter season. If you are five feet tall this is a perfect selection for you. It has the shape of an envelope, you will love it the moment you see it.

It has a double zipper that allows you to close or open from both sides. Its insulation is so perfect such that is keep you warm and dries it when it is wet.

Its outer cover is waterproof, therefore, you are assured of warmth. It is made of a durable nylon material. The inner part is made of pure polyester that is very tender on you. It has an inner pocket where you can keep your wallet and keys.

It measures 29.5*86.6 inches, it is light and therefore you can be in a position to carry it along. It weighs only four pounds. When you squeeze it reduces to 8*8*15, that’s why I am confident that you cannot strain to carry it along.

Do not leave it to stay dirty; easily clean it using a washing machine.

15. Sleeping Bag – Envelope Lightweight – Great For 4 Season

Lightweight Sleeping Bags

This is a sleeping bag that is convenient for cold seasons. It is warm yet very light. When it is rained on the water is not absorbed but rather slips over. That simply means that it is waterproof. This feature discourages moisture formation hence keeping you warm.

As you sleep in it, you will enjoy comfort because it is spacious enough. It’s made of tough and durable polyester that is smooth. It takes only a short time to dry after it has been washed or when rained on.

Its base is stable because it is S-shaped. This also ensures that there are no spaces left for cold air to get in. It has an option for adjustment. You can use the adjustable strings to pull it together

It has its compressing bag where you pack it for storage or as you travel. Do not be stressed about the cleaning process. Some people fear to buy it because they believe that it is bulky while washing it. Its advantage is that you can comfortably use a washing machine to clean it.

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag For Camping?

There are various factors that you need to consider when you are choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag. Let us go through these factors so that you can be in a position to choose the best.

The Volume

You should choose the one that is not so bulky. Do not go for the heavy one so that you will not get exhausted as you carry it during hiking.

Carrying heavy items make us wear out quickly. You may end up losing interest in the activity that you were to be involved in. This may be hiking, camping or any other.

The volume of an item dictates the means of transport that you will use to get to your destination. Ensure that you make a wise choice.


Choose the one that is light and easy to carry. The ones that are made of polyester fabric are light yet very warm.

There are others whose outer cover is made of nylon material yet they are strong and durable. The ones made of this material are portable and compresses well into their packing bag.

Best Women’s Sleeping Bags 2018

Women bodies are sensitive than men. A man may not need a heavy sleeping bag like a woman would do. Join me and let us go through several types of best women’s sleeping bag one by one in detail.

1. Rab Neutrino 400 – Top Women’s Sleeping Bag

Best Women's Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is so warm and yet it is not heavy. It is convenient for different seasons throughout the year. To be precise it is the lightest one with a difference of seven ounces from the one that follows it. It weighs 28 oz.

It has a hood that keeps your head Warm throughout the night. It as well has a good insulator of 800 fill power.

For the safety of your items like wallet, keys, nd jewelry it has an inner pocket. It is not easy for anyone to get into that pocket without waking you up.

You can buy a sleeping pad to insert in this item for more comfort.

It is affordable because it is sold at low prices.

2. Sea To Summit Trek TK II  – Top Women’s Sleeping Bag

Sea To Summit Trek TK II

This is a semi-rectangular sleeping bag for women. This shape makes it be more comfortable than mummy shaped ones. You can move your body freely.

It is not heavy; it weighs 2lb 11 oz. Ladies are in a position to carry without getting so tired.

When you squeeze it into a storage pack it compresses well hence it does not occupy a big space while stored.  It comes with a matching pack. Its insulation is 650 fill power dry duck.

It down lays well without moving, this helps in ensuring that there are no air spaces where warmth can disappear through. At the bottom part where you place your feet, there is insulation inserted to keep you warmer.

It is fit for 18 degrees temperatures. It has a special bag known as TK ll. Its role is to help you stay warm wherever you are using the bag on winter, spring, and summer.

The inner material is soft on your skin and makes your breathing comfortable.

The outer cover is made of tough nylon fabric that is treated with durable water repellent. The treatment makes it be windproof and makes it not to absorb water.

You will buy the Trek ll bag separately then open the bag and insert it.

3. Nemo Rave 15

Nemo Rave 15

This is the highest price women sleeping bag. It is spacious and comfortable. Ample space makes you rest well but it may also be of a disadvantage. If the room is so big, it might be so cold and you may require a lot of energy to warm it.

The Nevo women’s Rave is best for 15-degree temperature as it keeps you warm during the winter season and useful for the camping and hiking seasons.

You can use this best backpacking women’s sleeping bag for 3 seasons with a perfect fit and you could enjoy your night time with its feather-light and soft bottom gives a smooth feel like sleeping in cotton bed with warm in it.

When the temperature crosses your comfort zone ThermoGills can unzip and let the warm move out allowing the outer air to again fill the sleeping bag to sleep comfortably. This is one of the great features in this sleeping bag.

Overall this backpacking sleeping bag is perfect for women to enjoy the camping adventures.

4. Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800

women's backcountry sleeping bags

This is a cozy down sleeping bag that is of the higher standard than a mummy. It is a bit heavier, even when it is compressed it occupies a bigger space than others.

It is made of multi-layered fabric. When you are in it you feel as warm as you feel when you are in your bed. You can comfortably lay on your stomach because it is spacious. To create more space you can stretch it on all sides.

Its design is alike with traditional backcountry beds but it is designed in a new model. It has pockets where you can warm your hand or store your items.

The insulation used for this item is 800 fill duck down. It is expensive compared to the rest but its quality is also of a high standard.

5. Slumber Jack Boundry – Best Women’s 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Slumber Jack Boundry Best Women's 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

This is a sleeping bag that has a hood that can open wide. You can open it to have it lie down or leave it to have the diameter shape. It is convenient for summer season during hiking or when camping in a car.

It is made of a layered fabric that ensures comfort and traps heat. Its outer cover is made of a polyester 190T. Its insulation is synthetic.

It has a collar that covers your neck to retain heat. Its zip prevents cold air from getting in. Below it there is a draft tube that plays a role in keeping it very warm.

It comes in different width and height. There are long and regular sizes. Let us look at the detail of each so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

(a) LONG

This is a good one for 0-degree temperatures. It keeps you warm despite the surrounding weather. It measures 86”*35” if you are 6.6 fits it is perfect for you.

Its weight is 4 lbs 15 oz; you will be able to carry it around. Its zip is on the left.

(b) Regular

It is fit for 0 degrees weather. It has the same weight as long one which is 4 lbs 15 oz. Its size is 82”*33” and 6 fits long. Its zip is on the right side.

Best Features Of Backpacking Sleeping Bag

1. Weight And Shape

There are various shapes like peanut, mummy, rectangular and semi-rectangular.  Mummy shaped sleeping bags are warm and light in weight. Their hip and shoulder areas are not very wide.

This has an advantage of ensuring there is no space for cold air. It as well has a disadvantage because you do not have ample space to sleep comfortably.

Rectangular and semi-rectangular ones are more spacious. Your body is not squeezed in the bag. You can turn to any side comfortably. This is the best one for people who keeps turning when they are asleep.

2. Length

Ensure that you buy the one that will fit you well. There are various sizes of long, regular and short. Mostly the long ones are for men.

When you buy a very long one it will be very cold. This is because you will have left room for cold air to stay in.

3. Temperatures

Choose a sleeping bag that is favorable to your weather. There are times when the temperatures are very low below freezing point.

Other times it is just cool or warm. There are two types of rating that you should consider.

a) Lower Rating

This is about to which lowest degree can the bag keep you comfortable. Choose the one that has a warm fabric on the inside.

b) Comfort Rating

Comfort is one of the considerations you should make. Check the ability of the sleeping bag to keep you warm. This is when the temperatures are at the lowest.

When the sleeping bag is cold you will freeze when you go for camping or hiking.

4. Insulation

A good insulation ensures that you do not lose heat while you are sleeping. There are various types of insulation as we will discuss below.

a) Synthetic Insulation

This type of insulation is pocket-friendly, its price is affordable. It is convenient for chilly weather. This is because it is waterproof and dries within a short time.

It lasts longer when it is well taken care of. It has several limitations

– It is not easily compressible because it is huge

– It is not so warm

– As you continue using the sleeping bag its insulation wears out gradually. The process of putting it in and out of its storage pack is the one that damages the insulation.

b) Down Insulation

This type of insulation is best for dry times and when the temperatures are low. It is most preferred because it compresses well.  It is easy to store and hence portable.

It has a high capability to reserve warmth. When you get in it your body easily generates heat. When you want to go for a long journey and for a long time, this is the best option.

It’s Limitation

– It is very expensive

c) Down That Is Water Resistant

It dries within a short time when you wash it. There are very tiny insulation components that are inserted in this sleeping bag.

This type is not waterproof but water resistant.

d) Down/synthetic Combination

The combination results in a durable feature. Mostly the down is used on the lower part. Synthetic is used for the top.

5. Construction

This concerns the three core parts of a sleeping bag which is insulation, out the cover and inner lining.

a) Linging

– The lining should be soft and tender to your skin

– It should not be an allergic material.

– It should not be stuffy. You should not have breathing difficulty when you are in it.

b) Outer Cover

– It should be made of a tough durable material that cannot tear or wear easily. Mostly the materials that are used are polyester and nylon.

– The waterproof ones are favorable so that it will keep you dry and warm. This is despite the external temperatures.

– Choose the one that has been treated with durable water repellent.

6. It’s Accessories

Choose sleeping bags that have a bag for storage. There are those that come with a small pack of your small items. Other comes with a big bag that is made of cotton for storing it.

For the down bag, the storage is different. Its storage bag should be spacious for it has some air. Alternatively, you can use a string to hang it in a cabinet.

7. Flexibility

Choose the one that is flexible in a way that it can be used for different seasons. There are those that can be used for summer, winter, and spring.

The ones that have a hood that can be opened are the best. You can open the hood and lay it flat when it is warm and you are not using it.

Choose the one with adjusting string.


Having taken you through different types of best backpacking sleeping bags I believe I have enlightened you.

There are many varieties in the market. It is not easy to choose the best one when you do not have the information.

Ensure that you are not just buying the most beautiful but also the best quality. No matter how attractive it would be, if it is not warm it will not be of any use.

Measure your height before buying it. Ensure that you acquire the one that fits you best. Buy the best backpacking  bags for sleeping 2018 for you today.

Enjoy your camping adventure by using any of the amazing camping sleeping bags from the above list. Our team will be buying more products and will add the best products to this list in future.

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