Best Backpacking Tents 2018 For Camping – Buyer’s Guide

Camping away from your home is always remaining a source of curiosity and excitement without regardless of the fact of your age too. While we prepare for an extension of stay in the beautiful scenery of the forest or other stations we often think and look forward to the safe and best backpacking tents 2018 for the overnight stays.

Be in with your family, old friends or someone other which includes a very special place nearer to the heart is always are the moments which creates memories for a lifetime. It’s the right time to embrace the wilderness; so make you in the laps of comfort with the best ranges of best-camping tents.

Best Backpacking Tents 2018

To save your time and money I am listing out the best backpacking tents for 2018 from 1 person to 8 person living tents for all seasons.

I have researched well and only mentioning the Top Camping Tents in this below table but to see even more products scroll down and check one by one.

Tent NameOccupancyFloor AreaPrice
1.Nemo Hornet – Ultralight Backpacking Tent1 Person21 Square Feet View Price
2.Mountain Smith Morrison 2 Person Tent2 Person35 Square Feet View Price
3.ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent3 Person43.5 Square Feet View Price
4.ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent4 Person64 Square Feet View Price
5.Suisse Sports Yosemite Tent5 Person10 x 6 x 8 feet (w x H x D) View Price
6. 12 Survivor’s Shire Tent, Green6 Person82.7 x 43.3 in View Price
7.Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent7 Person1,122
View Price
8.Coleman Evanston Screened Tent8 Person1,442
View Price

Best 1 Person Tents

1. Nemo Hornet – Ultralight Backpacking Tent – Editor’s Choice

Nemo Hornet Ultralight Tent

Nemo hornet ultralight backpacking tent is more convenient and best choice for the 1 person tents. It has wide door facilities and spacious enough to stay 1 person in at the night time in the wild forest or any long travel trips. This particular tent gives you the best and easy access to get in and out from the tent without any trouble so ever. You can easily setup and pack up the tent in quick time.

Nemo hornet ultralight backpacking tent has single hub pole along with the ball and socket tips which make it easier to install and uninstall. The triangulated guy outs increase the internal gap of the tent. It gives better experience and comfort zone like staying in your room. This particular tent also has the tub floor construction which helps in reducing the seam tape and construction to enhance the durability of it.

The Nemo tent is perfectly designed and constructed with the wonderful state of fabrics and hardware which makes this wonderful tent one among the suitable backpacking tent along with the ultra-lightweight. The advanced and lightweight tent gives you long usage without any issues. One of the best advantages with this tent is that you can carry it easily anywhere else during tracking and other wildlife plannings.

2. Big Agnes- Rattlesnake SL mtnGLO

Big Agnes - Rattlesnake SL mtnGLO Tent

Big Agnes is well known and much familiar backpacking tents which already had won MTN GLO lighting technology award. LED lights are perfectly attached to the tent which is more than enough to produce lighting inside your tent during the night which enhances you to experience the best camping stay in your entire life.

The best part of the LED light strand included in it is the durability and flexibility it includes; this makes it very easy and comfortable to use repeated times. The illuminated interior of this wonderful tent is tending to provide light for camping for a week of time. This amazing tents also includes durable and made with a small push button to select the 3 settings to option for the LED lightening of your tents such as ON, OFF and 50% of the light option. It also requires having 3AAA batteries which can be bought easily from any stores.

The DAC pole structure along with the press fit connectors and lightweight hubs; included with the tent simplifies the task of installing and uninstalling up to a great extent. This tent is also included with the gear loft loops which make it compatible with other accessories. This amazing tent also included the waterproof seam tapes and polyurethane tape which is more useful during the rainfall.

3. Big Agnes – Copper Spur HV UL Tent

Big Agnes Ultra light Tent

Big-Agnes-copper spur HV UL tent is also one of the best backpacking tents for 1 person. It is more convenient and suitable to carry for your long trip or tracking. It’s a big and dual zipped door along with various other key features makes conformable to carry with you for your trip and convenient to live during the camping times. The tent also includes proprietary patterned double ripstop nylon fabrics which enhances the durability of this tent to use multiple times without any issues with it. It offers you a large space to stay inside the tent during the night times.

The high-density angle hub included in it enhances the durability and stability of backpacking tents and helps you to create optimal livable space. Another best thing about this wonderful backpacking tent is available with the single door along with the storm flaps in the vestibule sippers. You can easily unzip the door and setup and reframe the tent in quick time.

Big Agnes includes 2 tone meshes so you can get better privacy along with the stargazing transparency in the meantime. Hook and lops tabs embedded with it gives the opportunity to connect the 1-vent fly to pole star which means that you would now get the right pitch and more stability as well which also included with the guy lines, tensioners to attach with the fly.

4. Nemo Blaze 1p Tent – Best Backpacking Tents 2018

Nemo Blaze 1P Tent

Nemo is also one of the popular tents which can accommodate 1 person inside it. Nemo is available with high quality and most used by the people to carry for tacking and other trip plannings. It has wide side door where the tent enables you to get perfect vestibule space so that to make you more comfortable inside the tent with relaxing and secure like your room. The more space in the tent gives you the chance of easy access to the tent by going in and out frequently.

The best think about this tent; you can install and uninstall with the help of single hubbed pole along with the ball and socket tips which fit perfectly into the pole. The triangulated volumising guy outs of this amazing backpacking tent perfectly increases the internal space of the tent. In addition to it, the tent also has the tub floor construction which reduces the usage of seams and seam tape and hence ultimately results in the enhanced durability of the tent.

The perfect state of fabrics and DAC poles make ultra-light and hence it allows you to take it easily wherever the location you visit. This excellent tent is also available with less weight which would be a great advantage.

5. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx – Best 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx best 1-Person backpacking Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx provides the best backpacking tents available in the market for 1 person and especially in the category of single person usage. The best part of the ALPS mountaineering tent is very easy to setup and dismantle along with the help of aluminum poles and the pole clips. The aluminum poles used here in this tent are 7000 series which has the less weighted tents for an affordable cost.

It’s a polyester tent which perfectly suitable for water and hence enables you to camp in the rainy season as well. The polyester fiber will protect you from the rainfall as well as from the UV damages. The large storage space helps you to get extra ventilation and easy access to the tent. This is a fully equipped backpack tent which includes 8 zips, storage packets stakes, guy ropes, and gear lofts along with the single door.

It means that perfect backpack to be used for camping to stay with your belongings inside the tent. The entry and the ventilation facility make the people select it as their best choice among the other camping tents for 1 person.

Best 2 Person Tents

1. Sundome 2 Person Tent

Sundome 2 Person Tent

Sundome 2 person tent is one of the top backpack available for the camping experience. So this may suit well for your camping trip to different destinations. This particular camping tent has the storage space to accommodate two persons. It’s a polyester taffeta tent which includes 75 denier flysheets and hence triggers you to purchase the best camping tent 2018 for your tracking plans along with your tracking partner.

You don’t need to worry about the rainfall or any other disturbances while staying inside the tent. This seems one of the best tents for 2 people to go to the tracking camps with trust and faith. Sundome tent 2 people come with less weight, the dome-shaped tent which perfectly offers you a spacious interior space. You can move in and out casually with your camping partner without any trouble.

So enjoy the camping vacations and be relaxed with your camping friend safe and be with the most amazing camping moments. The install and uninstall process of syndome 2 p tent is more easy with the help of pole sleeves. It takes very less time to set up the tent structure and goes into it.

The sundome tents are special and wonderful tent which avoids the water to enter into your tent during raining too. The broad window offers you to get superior ventilation. Just feel like your own home. This also has the facility to leak-free seams which enhances your experience during precipitation.

2. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra-Tent

TETON Sports Mountain Tent

Planning to go out for perfect camping with your companion; TETON Sports Mountain is the best tents you can take along with you. This is the perfect one for the two-person tent which enhances you to enjoy the fun of camping along with perfect ventilation and entry. This amazing backpack tent includes top cutaway vents so that to reduce the amount of condensation builds up and hence you can feel relax with dryness during camping. The TETON sports mountain ultra is constructed with highly secured waterproof facility along with the bathtub floor so that to prevent you completely during precipitation.

Another best quality of this tent is easy installation and un-installation it provides to the users. You can install and pack up it within 10 minutes by yourself. The heat tapes seams, anchor points are reinforced to get enhanced results from it. It also includes clip-on rainfall to give extra privacy and security.

The ventilation technology, weather protection provides you with clear away from condensation. The innovative design and Rainfly vestibule it includes also trigger you to keep water away from your sleeping area.

3. Mountain Smith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (citron green)

Mountainsmith Morrison Citron Green

Mountainsmith Morrison provides the best experience in backpack tenting. It offers you one of the fastest and intuitive set up so you could get outstanding weather protection during camping. Mountainsmith is well designed and suitable to stay with two or three persons in it and hence best to be used if you are planning camping with your family. This perfect camping solution will protect you from the rainfly on this special camping tent. It could easily stand with you in all kind of wind other difficult conditions.

Now, just get relaxed whatever be the conditions during camping; just enjoy it up to full. The internal space this masterpiece includes a wider space constructed of polyester fiber to get your enhanced and long lasting resulted. Due to its compact and lightweight; this tent can be carried to any locations easily while camping.
It includes bathtub floor construction to feel dry during precipitation and prevents the entry of water during training.

The tent also designed with two doors and fly ventilations facilities, so that to clear away from condensation. Reliability and durability are the two another features you get from the Mountainsmith Morrison tents that needed to be applauded.

4. Kelty TN 2 Person Tent

Kelty TN 2 Person Camping Tents

People who are looking for the best and amazing tents with the Compactness and lightness features; then Kelty TN is the perfect choice to go with for tracking camp. These two are most wanted qualities which make this as best brands in backpacking tents available in the international market. Kelt TN 2 person tent is also has won the award of Backpacker Magazine Editors Choice in 2014 and also Magazine gear awards for the year 2016.

Kelty TN is perfectly engineered by TrailLogic Collection which is itself a guarantee for the best features you have ever got. This backpacking tent includes wonderful factors like 14-inch aluminum poles, innovative hug clip technology which is easy setup and packs up. These tents are also embedded with a roll up stargazed fly which enhances your experience of staying in overnight experiences and that too without exiting the tents even in the climate changes.

This camping tent is the perfect match to offer spacious floor with an oversized D-style door you could access it easily. The Rainfly, taped seams, airflow, noiseless zip, 2 vestibules and guy out points are some of the other features which acceptable from our end.

5. Mountainsmith Mountain Dome – Best 2 Person Tent

Mountainsmith Mountain Dome 2018

Mountainsmith Mountain Dome 2 person tents are the most commonly used and familiar tents which include two doors ventilation and entry. This is the tent with durable backpack capacity which you might use continuously for three seasons of camping. This tent is a free-standing camp which includes three pole designs along with Stabili-Hub, so that enhances the height up to headspace.

You can now easily move into your camp. The taped floor seams provide you with the experience of dryness during the rains. You can install and uninstall it easily within a short span of time, and it hardly needs only about 10 to finish with. You don’t require any special technique or procedure for installing or uninstalling just execute the steps provided and get it easily by you.

Another best feature of this tent is the color coded attachment of poles; tent, fly, and footprint which make it look just stunning. This doesn’t include any mesh wall panels, but instead of it, the interior mesh includes storage pockets which make very simple and easy to perfectly store a maximum of necessary things easily in it. The clip pole attachment is available in this wonderful backpack tenting enhances the feature of lightness and better breathability. Reflective guylines along with the tension lock cord adjustment make it more exciting and useful.

Best 3 Person Backpacking Tents

#1. Sundome 3 Person Tent – Editor’s Choice

Sundome 3 Person Tent Sundome 3 person tent is the best tent available with the market which is come out from Coleman which enables you to remain dry in harsh weather conditions. This amazing backpack tent includes tub floor along with patented corner welds and protected seams which covered with a zipper so that to keep water to stay away from your tent during precipitation. The spacious and dome-shaped solid frame of this wonderful tent is used to match with the test of over 35MPH winds.

You can now get easy protection from the door from any weather conditions included rainfly along with two windows and ground vent which increase the ventilation into you camp will offer a luxury feel and comfortable during camping. The setup and pickup of this wonderful tent are very simple, easy, snag free, and you can easily go along within 10 minutes of time.

The continuous pole sleeves and patented pin and ring system and snagged free Insta Clip suspension enhances your experience much more. The tent includes enough room for placing few aspects inside the tent using the storage packets in a well-organized and managed. The best part of this wonderful backpack tent is you can pick up with the carry bag using the rip strip.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent

ALPS Tasmanian Best 3 Person Camping Tent

ALPS Mountaineering presents you the best backpack for camping tents for 3 people which enhance your experience of camping along with the camping partners a step higher. This is well suitable and durable tents which can be easily used for 4 continuous camping seasons. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian is well known for providing you with the lightweight tents with the usage of 7000 series aluminum poles.

These poles are perfectly arranged so that one continuous pole system with hubs that reach an end to end along with an additional pole to fix across the tent which makes it quite strong during the strong winds. This tent includes the wonderful feature of full coverage fly with two vestibules which enhances the interior space of it.

The additional pole on the fly adds more in the space. This tent offers you the best experience with the help of factory sealed fly, floor seams to your tent. The ALP mountaineering tent is well constructed with the 75D 185T polyester fly along with 1500mm coating which provides you with the perfect security from any harmful ultraviolet radiations and stays taut for a longer period.
The best part is that all the vents available with the tents are in the closed position which adds more to the security.

3. Eureka Taron 3 Tent

Eureka Taron 3 Tent 2018

Eureka Taron provides you best backpack tents you will ever get from any marketing stores with such an amazing facilities for camping along with two more companions. The factory sealed the main fly, and floor seams help you to experience the feeling of dryness even during precipitation also.

It perfectly protects the water coming inside the camp from the entry points. The two-door and vestibules along with pole strut enhance the internal space of your camp much more. You can now easily move inside the tent. This is very compact like dome-shaped compact pack sized backpack tent which can be taken to any locations with you while traveling.

The durability of Eureka Taron tent is another feature which makes it the first choice of huge amount of people nowadays. The tent also included the freestanding aluminum frame which includes clips which make it convenient and straightforward to set up and tear down as well. The large U-style door rolls up and out whenever you required it.

It has 6 interior pockets with the gear loft which offers you to keep all your essential small items close to your hand. The hooded fly vents along with mesh panels enhance the chances of air circulation much more. It also includes bathtub floor wraps the surroundings which enable it to protect from the splashing perfectly and also with any standing waters.

#4. Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent

Coleman Hooligan tents are most popular and most protected backpack tents which offer you best protection and comfort you ever had. This amazing tent is very much lighter in weight and includes only about 11.8 lbs. of weight. This seems one of the vital and compact backpack tents which is easy to manage by roll on and carry along with you.
These tents also have the vestibule which makes you keep it as dry as possible to safeguard your belongings with extra gear.

This amazing backpack tent is quite efficient for saving you from any situations like a change in weather and various other conditions. The compact dome-shaped design stood out from the other camp tents which also can face any wind, rain or any other natural effects hence enhance your weather protection much more.

The full mesh interior of the Coleman hooligan tent enhances the air circulation much more and makes you feel cool and comfortable during the camping during on clear nights. You can also able get out of the rainfly effects and other aspects for long if enjoyed. It is very easy, simple and snags free and easy to set up as well as tearing down and hence you can easily and uninstall the backpack tent by yourself.

The extra space and the included storage pockets are one of the additional things which enhance your camping experience.

Best 4 Person Camping Tents

1. Big Agnes – Big House Deluxe Vestibule

Big Agnes 4 Person Tent

This is the right choice for the people who want to buy the best, comfortable and well-protected backpack tent; then Big Agnes names you can easily go along with. This is suitable for your family trip or tracking with these amazing tents for the family usage.

It is a big house vestibule which includes extra covered space which makes your gear a perfect shelter under harsh weather protection. You can now easily enjoy the feeling of camping along with the camping partners you would like during precipitation also.

The vestibule of this wonderful backpack tent is composed of ripstop polyester fabric which includes a perfect waterproof polyurethane coating so that it will help you to keep it dry during raining. This tent is seemed as most compact pack backpack along with very much light in weight this allows you to carry the tents anywhere you want during camping.

The backpack tent also contains with the necessary things such as a vestibule, a stuff sack, a pole and seven superlight aluminum stakes so that to make it easy to install and uninstall. This tent is more useful and comfortable backpack tents which make you feel like your own home. The dome-shaped and innovative design adds more in the internal space of this perfect backpack tent.

2. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra-Tent

TETON Sports Mountain - Best Ultra Camping Tent

TETON sports mountain ultra-tent features you best four person tents which include surprising technology, durability, and size for the price. TETON sports mountain ultra is the best micro mesh tents which include wonderful built-in ventilation technology so that to cut the condensation down dramatically.

You will get a high waterproof bathtub floor prevents the water coming inside the tent during heavy rainfall and hence offers you the feeling of dryness. The setup and teardown of the tent in the camping location can be executed easily and quickly as well. It can also be done with the help of one person as well. It also includes wonderful anchor points; heat taped seams keep you safe from any of the harmful ultraviolet radiations.

The clip-on rainfly perfectly saves it from hard weather conditions, and you will have the facility to use the pass-through ventilation technology to come out from such instances. The strong acetal bucks and webs enhance the durability of this wonderful backpack tents a step higher. Ultra lightweight is also a wonderful and best feature to help you in carrying the tent along with you.
The simple dual cross poles and single ridge pole design enhances the interior space of this backpacking tent.

#3. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx – Best 4 Person Tent – Editor’s Choice

ALPS 4 Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx provides you best four-person camping tents you ever had. This is the tent that sold more than anything else for various camp usages from lynxes which you can easily setup and teardown within just 10 minutes by yourself.

The tent includes great ventilation with the two-door entry. The two vestibules present in this wonderful backpack tent enhance people to get most out of it with the extra storage during your camping season. It also includes half mesh walls which enhance the ventilation of your backpack tent much more.

Just book a perfect destination for your camping right now, and enjoy the wonderful moments with your three another of your family or your camping members. The factory sealed and floor seam offer you perfect conditions and also protects from different situations. Don’t get worried about the precipitation or harmful UV rays during camping out; just get this one and forget all your tensions aside.

The 7075 aluminum stakes, guy ropes, mesh storage pockets, two entry doors and gear loft enhances your camping experience much more. It’s a free-standing dome-shaped backpack tent which is composed of pole clips and also with the aluminum poles which you can easily work on to set up and tear down it fast and easily too.

Best 5 Person Tents

1. Suisse Sports Yosemite Tent

Suisse Sport Yosemite Tent

Suisse Sports Yosemite tent is the best choice which comes out of Yosemite which makes you feel comfortable to increase the joy and happiness during the camping experience by providing you perfect accommodation to you and four or your friends. This tent also has two rooms dome-shaped where this tent allows 5 people can stay in with such a spacious capacity. Removable divider perfectly divides the two rooms of this wonderful backpack tents. This perfect backpack tent is available with two doors for entry and exit.

It is a three meshed zipper backpack tenet which includes zipped windows and mesh ceiling so that to provide you perfect protection. The weight of this particular tent is about 13.65 pounds which comes up in the category of one of the lightweight backpack tents you ever had. Now, enjoy camping along with your co-campers or with your beloved ones from your family with different aspects of the weather such as heavy rainfall, heat, ultraviolet radiations and much more. The bathtub flooring of this amazing backpack tent perfectly protects you from being wet during precipitations.

You can now easily save all of your gears and other accessories inside the tent during camping. The storage pockets available inside the camp also help you in managing your smaller items very easily.

2. NTKINDY GT 4 to 5 Person 12.2 by 8 Foot – Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent

NTK INDY GT 4 5 Camping Tent

NTKINDY GT is the largest and most popular tent selling company around the globe which is well known for providing you best backpack tents you ever had. It is a perfect backpack tent to be with your co-camping members to accommodate along with four to five persons in each tent; hence best for all the families.

The best part of this amazing product you can make the set up very easily by following the instructions from the tent sellers and also disassemble in a quick span of time. This tent is available with more spacious which weighs only about 12 lb. with this you will get the floor size about, i.e. 12.8 ft. * 8 ft. and 4.3 feet center height so that to enjoy maximum comfort. The double layer of the polyester fiber laminated with polyurethane offers you 100% waterproof experience.

It helps to enjoy the complete camping trip with full coverage from the tent from about 2500mm water from rainfly and ultraviolet protection with the help of heat seamed thermoplastic coating. The interiors have a large amount of two-way zipper D-style door; it triggers you to be safe and protected from mosquitoes and mesh protection. The roomy utility pockets along with mesh roof present inside this wonderful backpack which help you to keep your little necessary items perfectly saved.

Best 6 Person Tents

1. 12 Survivor’s Shire Tent, Green

12 Survivors Shire Tent - Best Camping Tent

Survivor’s shire tent is most suitable one for six-person camping available with various key factors which offer a perfect seasoned outdoor adventure along with 5 of your friends. It is perfectly assembled and dissembles with the help of collapsible poles which is very easy to take down by them.

This tent has the durable backpack tents which are more convenient enough to use it continuously for three seasons. The lightweight design of this wonderful backpack tent makes it the first choice for most of the hikers today. The best part of this perfect backpack tent is that it comes up with various options.

You can easily remove the fly for a solid mesh tent so that to enhance your experience of gazing sky and shining stars during nights. The rainfly it includes is also very long which you can easily extend over the doors so that to enhance your experience much more. This tent is more compact packs which you can easily pack inside any nylon carry bag during the transportation with individual pouches for poles and stakes.

It includes two vestibules such as storage and weather protection. It is a well-designed and has the space to accommodate 6 persons overall and also includes four interior pockets to store your accessories in it.

2. Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent

Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Person Tent

People who look for 6 person tent for going any camping Kelty trail ridge 6 tent is the best which has more storage options and also you have the luxury to take it with you. It includes 4 steep walls so that to create a perfect roomy interior and to make your tent more comfortable.

If you are interested in stargazing then just took a Fly rolls up so that to remove all the obstructions coming up in your view yet having clips down so that to be safe from the first sight of the rain. The size of this tent is more appropriately developed and designed to pack it easily and safely inside your bag. The mesh panels present in the design of the backpack tent enhance you to experience more breathability and dryness during precipitation too.

The carry cube bag, compact poles and color-coded cling along with the fly attachments are some of another feature which makes it more amazing to use on. The tent is supposed to have two poles so that to increase the interior space of the tent whenever required. It also includes taped floor seams, gear loft, two doors, two vestibules and much more which add more to its features.

3. Slumberjack Trail Tent

Slumberjack Trail Tent

Slumberjack trail tent is the best choices to go for long trip or camping and in need of extra space for 6 member camping experience. This wonderful backpack tent enhances you to be with the extra-large internal storage space so that to accommodate big families too. It includes multi-diameter poles offer great chance to get an extra room for it.

Slummberjack trail tent is the perfect and affordable backpack tents for you and your fellow camping members which could be the centerpiece of a great trip you are going to have ahead. The tent is well-designed with extra space and color coordinated with the color-coded clips construction so that you can install and uninstall the camp tent easily in quick time. Mesh wall panels of this wonderful masterpiece are quite efficient of having optimum ventilation.

The internal storage pockets add more features to this wonderful tent where people can use to store various useful things for your daily needs and that too in a well-managed way. The waterproof experience, taped seams, noiseless zipper pulls, the guy out points, free-standing construction are another wonderful features which needed to be appreciated.

Best 7 to 8 Person Tents

#1. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent – Editor’s Choice

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

If you are planning to have the perfect camping out along with your camping crew such a friends and family members, then Coleman Evanston screened tent is the right options to carry with you in the camping times. Just enjoy the fresh air without having any bugs with the help of this amazing backpack tent for eight persons. It also includes very easy setup, and it can be carried easily with you whenever required.

This is the better and most suitable one for the camp tents which look for car campers trips which offer you screened porch, get warm up on sleep and dry nights. The backpack tent is especially angle rainfly which helps you to enter the light in your tent and not the water even you open the windows. It can easily stand up with high winds with the help of Insta-clip attachments and weatherTec systems.

The snag-free continuous pole sleeves are only to have the poles only once and hence reduce your setup time by 15-minutes. The bathtub flooring makes sure you to get prevented from the water entering the tent and also splashes of water. The rainfly with windows awnings saves you from rain and the sun lights.

2. Coleman Montana – Best 8-Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Person Best Camping Tent

Coleman Montana tent is another version of Coleman which has more spacious great backpack tents which includes a cabin like structure with comfortable space inside it to perfectly standing and moving inside it. It is eight-person modified dome-shaped tent which feels you experience the homely effects instead of the campsite at the tent. This amazing camping tent is well-designed with enough space and developed to hold up all the weather conditions better whether it is precipitation, sun, and ultraviolet radiations too.

Coleman Montana uses specially angled windows so that it can allow to light come inside the tent perfectly but not the rain. The install-clip pole attachments of Coleman Montana make you withstand your tent during high winds. This is most suitable and preferable with enough spacious tents which include a larger interior which can easily accommodate three queen sized airbeds in it. Before lying down the bed, you can also go for attaching the fly for protecting yourself from the rain.

The two interior gear pockets will make the job easier to put all your small and important things in it. The snag free and pole sleeves make you install and uninstall it very easily whenever required. The best part of this amazing camping tent has the electrical access port one of the key factors to enable the technology inside your tent.


Most of us get more curious and excited whenever we think about camping out with the friends, family members often. It’s a must to have a good team when we can go for strengthening our bonds of love by keeping maximum of technology items by a side.

While going out for camping the first and foremost thing that everyone cares for best and perfectly matched camping tents in which we are going to camping.

We have provided here, with a plenty of Best Backpacking Camping tents 2018 of almost of every size from one person accommodation to 8 person accommodations which will surely help you a lot while selecting the perfect one for you.

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