Best Spinning Reels Brands Reviews: Our Top Picks for 2019

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A spinning reel is a unique device that is cylindrical. You will need to fasten it to your fishing rod for it to help you in stowing and curving the line.

Many of the modern spinning reels have fittings that help in propelling further and increases precision. This aids in pulling back the line as well.

You can use this best spinning reels 2019 in the various recreational sport that involves casting and angling. You can mount them to the Fishing rod. Attach the other specialized reels to the transoms and gunwales of your boat.

The history of the spinning reel dates back to 1195 AD. It was invented in China. The first time spinning reel was seen in England was in 1650 AD.

Today there is a wide range of spinning reel. You need to shop the fishing reel in the market.

We will discuss the  7 top spinning reels below so that it can be easy for you to choose one.

Best Spinning Reels 2019

Brand NameTypeForPrice & Ratings
1.SHIMANO STRADIC HGFly FishingFreshwater View Price
2.Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing ReelBig FishingSalt + Freshwater View Price
3.Pflueger President Spinning ReelSurf FishingFreshwater View Price
4.KastKingSharky III Fishing Reel
User's Choice
Bait FishingSalt + Freshwater View Price
5.Shimano Stradic FK Spinning ReelFly FishingFreshwater View Price
6.Red Man SW6000 11+ 1Ice FishingSalt + Fresh Water View Price
7.Abu Garcia BMAX3Baitcast FishingSalt + Freshwater View Price

1. SHIMANO STRADIC HG, Freshwater- Top Fly Spinning Fishing Reel


Shimano Stradic HG Freshwater is the best Fly Spinning Fishing reel is natural to cast. This spinning reel outmatches the rest because it can compact with a wide range of anglers.

It has outstanding features; its shape is unique and appealing. Its way contributes to its high performance.

This spinning reel is most preferred for freshwater although it is still useful in salty water. It can withstand a dense line together with a massive and big fish.

You can use it on any of the following reels: spinning reels, trolling reels, line counter, saltwater reel, spinning reels, casting reels, frozen fishing reels, bait throwing reels, and fly fishing.


A top spinning reel should have many ball bearings. It should have a minimum of 4. This will allow it to cast and retrieve smoothly.

This spinning reel has a total of 7 ball bearings. They make your fishing activities to be comfortable and smooth.
A drug system is essential in every spinning reel. It helps in exerting pressure on the fish that is in the hook. It also aids in releasing the line when you need to.

You need to have a reliable, high quality, and a smooth drag for you to catch many fishes. It has a drag system that leads to the front. It can hold between seven and twenty-four lbs.

The housing or the reel body is mostly from aluminium or graphite. This best spinning reels 2019 are made using aluminium. Some manufacturers combine both to make it stronger and durable. The cheaper ones are made from graphite which is light.

Shimano Stradic HG Spinning Reel body is made of firm metal which makes it last longer.

Considering the ratio of the reel gear is essential. This spinning reel has a spool that attaches to it. When you twist the handle, you will see another ball that is close to the line and spool.

The ratio refers to the times that the spinning reel ball can go round its spool when you move the handle once.

This particular reel has a constant ratio of 6.2.1.


It is light due to its g-Free sleek body. This reel has X-ship. New technology has been implemented to enhance reliability and durability.

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2. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel – Big Saltwater Game FishPenn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II, Spinning Fishing Reel, is a new version of the traditional Penn Battle. Various upgrades have been implemented to ensure that the modern version is more convenient. The price is affordable.

It is mainly for fishing the giant of big fishes in salt water. It has a unique design that is efficient for wide fishing varieties of species like Barracudas and trout. It has various reels that resemble the anglers.

It has various reel sizes that range between one thousand and eight thousand. They later developed another reel that weighs 2500.

All the available reels have a ratio of between 5.2.1 and 6.2.1. These gear ratios enable Battle II to be efficient for big fish that are in salt water and small fish that are in fresh water. An example of the big saltwater fish is Shark and


This fishing reel hikes its tenderness and its drag pressure using its drag system of carbon HT-100. It has a swift anti-reverse bearing and fluid cranking that enhances resistant of corrosion and durability.

The cranking contains five ball bearings that are made of stainless steel. Its gears are easy to align.

Consider the corrosion resistance. The new Pen Battle II does not corrode like the previous model. Its body is free from damage that occurs from sprays and chemicals. This makes the reel to last longer.

Check the drag pressure raise. The new model of Penn Battle has a higher level of HT-100 drag. This level increases the drag pressure. You can utilise the washes that are on the 2 sides of your reel. This way, you can reach up to 20% drag.

You can acquire the Penn Battle II of 3,000 models when you are targeting at big fish.

Factor in the anti-reverse handle. The anti-reverse handle is necessary. It stops the fish from getting away after catching it. It helps in holding the fish firmly despite how much it fights as it tries to escape.

The anglers need to have this critical feature.

Check the capacity rings. Penn Battle II has capacity rings that help in identifying where the line capacity is. You can quickly identify the space that is available at the reel.


It is stable because of the strong metallic body. The line has a tender retrieval because of the balanced rotor.

It has a strong drag that it gets From the 100 HT drag. It has an anti-reverse option that prevents the fish from escaping.

It is comfortable because it has a soft knob and a very sturdy handle. It has a diverse range of models that range from 5.2.1 to 6.2.1.

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3. Pflueger President Spinning Reel – Surf Fishing Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

This best spinning reel is modern and has an attractive design. It has a collection of features from other reels.

It has stainless steel parts like the shaft, and it does not corrode. It has a mechanism of reducing weight which is having holes pattern on the spool.

It enhances incredible smoothness when you are in your fishing activities. It has a tender knob, aluminum handle, and aluminum bail.

It contains ball bearings that are light, corrosion resistant, stainless steel, and roton. Its body is made of graphite. Many anglers use it when fishing for medium and small fish like redfish, bass, and crappie.

Its reel is useful when you are using lightweight bait. It quickly makes the line to pull forward. You will have an easy time as you use it because it is lightweight and it helps you to be more accurate.

There is a spool that is usually located below its rod. The weight of the tackle, bait or lure makes the line to stretch.

It is for freshwater fishing although you can use it in salty water. You will need to clean it keenly with fresh water after the use in brackish water.

This reel has a warranty that lasts for 1 year. The manufacturer has high tech and a reliable customer care service.


Consider the drag System. Pflueger president has an outstanding drag. You can adjust swiftly when there is a need. It is rare to find the kind of comfort it will give you at a reasonable price.

Its drag pressure is 10 lb for 6940X and 6935X model. The 6930X has 9 lb.

It has graphite housing and frame. It is light in weight
It has a system of 10 ball bearings which can’t corrode because they are made of stainless steel.

The ball bearings are essential in lowering the friction level between the moving parts. This enables you to drag the reel smoothly.

How is its casting control? You can easily cast lures and small baits because it has enhanced spool.


Pflueger President Spinning Reel – Surf Fishing make casting easy and accurate. It has an outstanding design, it is affordable, and it is of high quality.

Buy Pflueger president at Amazon


4. KastKingSharky III Fishing Reel – Salt Water + Fresh Water

KastKingSharky III The Top Fishing Reels

Several improvements and upgrade have been done on Sharky to get the KastKingSharky III fishing reel. The modern Sharky is stronger, lighter, and tender.


Check its pure power. It has a drag of carbon fiber that contains triple discs. It has eleven shielded bearings that are made from stainless steel.

Its gear is from a brass alloy, its fishing line is made from the braid, and it has an aluminium spool. Its main shaft is large, and it is made from a stainless steel material.

It is super smooth. It has an aluminium spool that resembles Shark Fin. You will relax when spooling because you will not utilise the backing or the supporting line.

This reel has a seal of K.I.S.S, and their rotor, spool, and body are water resistant. This feature is essential because it protects dirt from coming in and it remains dry at all times.

This reel has outstanding features, yet it is affordable and has a 1-year warranty. It has an aluminium handle, anti-reverse handle, and its ball bearings are made of stainless steel.

There is a new model of Kast King Sharky III that is fit for both salt water and fresh water fishing.

It has a sturdy body that is made of graphite fibre reinforcement.

This makes it last long despite where you use it.


It is durable due to the tough material that is made of. It has amazing features, yet its price is affordable.

It stays dry at all times because it is water resistant. It allows a smooth drag when it is in the water.

Buy KastKingSharky III at Amazon


5. Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel

Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel

This best spinning reel uses the latest technology. It has X-Ship and Hagane drive gear. These 2 features make the reel to be powerful, smooth and durable.

You will enjoy high weight balance because of its G-Free sleek frame. This reduces the level of fatigue.


X-Ship gear is one of the main features of this reel. It reduces the level of friction between the gear and the shaft.

It has a Hagane gear and a Hagane body that are durable and highly rigid. It has a power roller that reduces the twists and line loops when you are casting.

It has an aluminium forged spool that raises the level of durability and strength. It has an SR-concept and anti-reverse stopper that makes back-play to be impossible.

It has a Dyna balance. It helps in maintaining smoothness, sensitivity, and the rotor balance. It has a management system of propulsion line. That is the new spool shape that allows long cast.

Its line has some crisscross patterns. This lowers the level of friction; it enhances long cast and smoothness.

It has twelve seals that ensure that the water does not get in.


This reel is smooth and strong because of the X-Ship. The body does not bend even when it is supporting heavyweight because of its strong Hagane body.

It is stable due to the availability of Aero Wrap, Dyna- Balance and Power Roller. You can use it both in salt water and in fresh water.

It has the maximum bearing support that it gets from Hagane cold-forged gear. The knob is tender and comfortable for your hands.

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6. Red Man SW6000 11+ 1 – Budget Fishing Reel

Red Man SW6000 The Best Selling Fishing Reels

This popular spinning reel has 12 ball bearings, and its gear ratio is 5.5.1. It is a dark navy, and its net weight is 456g. It is suitable for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.


It has a line roller that is anti-twine. Its drag system is at the front part. It has twelve ball bearings that have stainless steel material.

It contains both water drop and fat bail holders. It has an anti-reverse instant that is made of the stainless steel material.

It has Oscillation gear and non-corrosion driver gear. You can interchange the handles depending on your comfort.

It is suitable for both fresh water and salt water fishing.


It has a hollow design, and its balance system is computerised. This makes the reel to have high performance and maintain lightweight. You will be able to fish for long hours without getting worn out.

It is fit for people who have experience in this field and the new people as well.

It has a metal shaft that supports the spinning reel, and it has twelve ball bearings. It has an anti-reverse bearing that reduces friction and makes the reel to move smoothly. This feature makes it durable and smooth.

It has a light and thin body shape. It has a casting line and a strong aluminium spool. The line tangles are few, and it has interchangeable handles. This makes it portable.

It has seven different modes that are between 1000 and 7000 series. This best spinning reels would help if you chose depending on your preference and needs. They include the following: For ocean (beach) fishing, ocean (boat) fishing, river, reservoir pond, stream, lake, and ocean (rock) fishing.

The box and the body utilise strong gears that have PA66. The material that makes the body and gears does not pollute the environment because they are disposable. It has some enticing paintings as well.

Buy RedMan SW6000 11+1 at Amazon


7. Abu Garcia BMAX3 Max Low-Profile BaitCast Affordable Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia BMAX3 Max Low-Profile Best Spinning Reel

This baitcast fishing reel has some cutting edges. It has both comfortable ergonomic handle and a durable aluminum spool.

Its drag system enhances a smooth drag that ensures that the fish does not draw away. It has MagTrax brakes that improve your casting accuracy and distance.


It has a unique drag system known as power disk that enhances smooth drag. It has four ball bearings and one roller bearing that is made from stainless steel. They contribute to smooth drag as well.

Its side plates and flames are made of graphite. It has Duragears that are made of brass and MagTrax brakes which helps in casting.

It has an aluminium spool that makes it stronger, and it has an ergonomic design.


It has a smooth drag due to its drag system.

High Level of Accuracy

The price is less and affordable

Its MagTrax brakes have enhanced the high accuracy level.

It has a comfortable ergonomic handle that eases your time during the fishing sessions. You can hold on them throughout the day without getting bruises.

Buy  Abu Garcia BMAX3 at Amazon

Types of Fishing Reels

1. Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing Reels

This is a type of fishing sport. You catch the fish when you are standing at the shoreline or when you are wallowing in the surf.

It involves bait or lure casting. The aim is to cast a lure or bait to the farthest area in the water. This aims at putting the bait to where the fish is as you stand at the shore.

It includes various types of shore fishing like rock jetties, fishing piers, and rocky beaches. You will need a fishing rod of about seven to eighteen feet and a reel.

2. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a fishing activity where you fish in frozen water or an ice opening. You use spears, lines or fish hooks.
The ice fishermen that have experience can fish in enclosures and the open. The fishermen can opt to make heated structures or simple structures to enable them to make several fishing trips in a day.

You will require having an ice chisel, saw or auger. These will aid in cutting a hole that can either be rectangular or circular in the iced water body.

You can alternatively use an axe to make the hole of about 20 cm.

3. Fly Fishing

About Fly Fishing image For this Best Fishing Reels

This is where you use an artificial fly in angling fishing method. You will need to have a reel, unique weight line and the fly rod for you to be able to cast the fly.

You will need to cast it differently from when you are casting bait that has weight. This is because it is very lightweight.

You can do the Fly fishing in salt or fresh water. You will require applying different tactics when you are fishing in various water sources. An example of the water sources is ocean, streams, lake, large rivers, ponds, and bays.

4. Baitcast Fishing

About Baitcast Fishing

Baitcasting fishing is where you use the baitcasting reels to cast spinner baits, crank baits, jigs or lures. You need to be keen for you to be able to balance the spool when the line stretches. This is because there is a tendency of drag resistance.

The line falls straight from the spool. This can allow you to cast the bait or lure far. You need to keep practicing so that you can master the distance and accuracy.

You can do bait cast fishing when you are fishing in tricky areas like in dock piling or lily pads.

How to Choose the Top Spinning Reels?

Many anglers prefer using spinning reels instead of bait caster reels. This is because the spinning reels are easy to use

There is a wide range of spinning reels in the market. The process of identifying the best one can be very tasking especially when you don’t have the right information. You will require having the know-how of the spinning reel operations.

I will take you through various factors you need to consider when you are looking for the best one.

Spinning Reel Parts

The spinning reel is usually joined to the fishing rod lower side. The spinning reels should not get tangles along the line.

It should have all its 8 parts intact, and all should be functional. They include line spool, reel foot, anti-reversal lock, reel handle, the bail, drag adjustment, reel body, and line roller.

Anti-Reverse Shaft

The best spinning reel should have the anti-reverse shaft. Its function is to stop the shaft from rolling backward.

Test the spinning reel to ensure that they do not spin backward before you purchase.


Ensure that you choose a spinning reel that has the right size of the handle or knob. This will ensure that you have ample space to hold and you will enjoy a firm grip. It will not be easy for the handle to slip away even when it is wet or when you are sweating.

The Size of The Spinning Reel

The size of the spinning reel should be determined by the weight of the line that you want to use. When you have a light path, you should buy a smaller reel.

The line and the spinning reel should not exceed 10 pounds when you are using it on fresh water. When you are purchasing a medium reel, the line should be 8, 6 or 10 pounds.

You can confirm the correct reel and line match on the information that is on the line capacity at the spool.

When you are buying the spinning reel online, you can refer to the product chart.
Ball Bearings

The spinning reels have ball bearing that aids in support, stability, and smoothness. They are located within the real body.

The spinning reels contain a roller bearing as well, and they are along the roller. The spinning reel has many stainless steel bearings. This makes the spinning reel to be smooth, durable and enhances control.

Do not go for a reel that has bushes in place of the bearings. Ensure the reel that you will purchase have a minimum of 4 ball bearings.

Body and Weight

The spinning reel housing is made of aluminum, graphite or a combination of two of them. Graphite housing has lightweight. The aluminum one is tough, stronger and it is not prone to bending.

When you intend to fish in salt water, you should consider the spinning reel that has a graphite body. This is because graphite is corrosion resistant. The ones that have aluminum bodies are fit for freshwater fishing.

The body should be smooth, and all parts should be tightly fixed. Avoid having some loose parts or the ones that have back play.

Choose a spinning reel that has reasonable weight. A heavy one will weigh you down, strain your joints, and stops you from fishing for a long time.

Drag System

The drag helps in pressure application on the fish that get to the hook. Its second function is to release the line.

The best spinning reel has quality and smooth drag. This prevents the cases of line breakage and fish escaping.

Ensure that the drag system is pulling smoothly. The spinning reels have various types of drag systems that include rear and front drag.

It is easy for you to access rear drag. The front drag has big washers that make it perform better and it last longer.

There is a drag system that is sealed making them waterproof. They facilitate smooth running because they are stronger and more durable.


The spool helps in supporting the line, enhancing smoothness and in distance casting. The graphite spool is light and corrosion free. The aluminum one is stronger and can withstand high pressure.

Check out the 2 spool designs which include skirted and internal. The internal layout is old fashioned, the line tangles easily.

The skirted spool is the best. It is slender and more extended. The line does not tangle at any one point, and you can cast further. This is because it has less friction. The line falls out and back smoothly.

Mag spool is the latest technology. It is larger and flatter. This makes it possible for a quick retrieve, long cast, and reduces chances of line tangle. Choose the spinning reel that has the Mag spool.

Conclusion – Top Spinning Reels

Fishing is an enticing activity which people do for leisure and business. You will require acquiring the top spinning reel for you to have an easy time during fishing.

For you to be able to identify the best spinning reel, you need to know how it functions and its parts. You will need to check the ball bearing, spool, drag system, size of the spinning reel, anti-reverse shaft, handle, weight and body.

All of the above is important and affects the efficiency of the spinning reel.

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